Casino Zurich Gets Record-Breaking Jackpot

Casino Zurich Gets Record-Breaking Jackpot

When you think of Switzerland, the things that usually come to mind are snowy mountains, ski centers, cheese, and chocolate. Banks and watches come to mind too, but not casinos. However, there are some casino fans in the country and it has some luxurious casino establishments to offer.

Zuerich Casino happens to be one of them and it recently hosted a lucky winner. The woman was playing a slot machine and managed to land a jackpot prize of £7,600,000. The progressive jackpot prize made history at Casino Zurich as no one has managed to land such a large jackpot before.

Lucky Player Lands the Record-Breaking Jackpot

The winner decided to go for a slot machine that offered a progressive jackpot. The pool of the prize was linked to 11 Swiss casinos. This kind of jackpot is usually linked to slots, but in some cases, it’s linked to table games. When this happens to be the case, then players will need to place a certain side bet and wait for a specific hand to land during a round. These hands are pretty rare which makes winning the prize all the more exciting.

In Casino Zurich, the progressive jackpot in question was linked to several slot machines across 11 casinos. The player decided to go for one of the slot machines linked to the jackpot, and what would happen in a few spins would shock her.

She decided to go on a low bet of 5 Swiss Francs. Some of the spins happened to bring her wins, while others were losing spins. But she persisted and her persistence paid off in the end. The small bet kept her budget safe and she kept a cool head throughout the gaming session.

Then she decided on another bet of the same amount. She spun the reels and the right symbols landed. The lights started flashing as she had won the big jackpot prize. The amount on the screen showed £7,6 million and she was taken aback by this win. When she came to herself, she went for her prize and she decided to stay anonymous. She also broke a record by earning the highest jackpot amount so far.


Casino Zurich got another jackpot winner that broke the previous record for the highest jackpot amount won. The woman was lucky to have landed a staggering jackpot amount of £7,6 million, a record-breaking progressive jackpot.

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