Chinese Casino Kingpin Arrested by Thai Police

Chinese Casino Kingpin Arrested by Thai Police

Both online and land-based casinos need to have a license to operate. They also need to adhere to certain regulations if they’re looking to operate in particular jurisdictions. Sometimes they will be confined to certain areas like Macau in China.

But this hasn’t stopped casino kingpins from operating outside the law. A certain Chinese kingpin has been on the run from the Chinese government for years, but She has met her match in the Thai police who have arrested him and are in a process of extraditing her to China.

Years on the Run Put to a Stop

The kingpin in question is She Zhijiang and he had been on the run since 2012. With his Cambodian passport, he was able to move around a couple of years before getting caught. The thing about him is that he’s the chairman of Yatai Holdings International. This company has been making gaming investments in the Philippines, Thailand, and most recently in Myanmar.

The company opened a casino and entertainment complex called Shwe Koko. Besides such lucrative investments that had quite a return rate, She decided to go into online gaming. But playing online casino games is illegal in mainland China which is why operators need to stick to a designated region – Macau.

He could have done it legally and requested a license for his operations, but he decided it wasn’t worth his time and went illegal. When he moved to Cambodia he decided to do the same thing. His illegal casino operations paid off only for a short while after which he was forced to move. In 2019, Cambodia made online casinos illegal. This was done because criminals would use online casinos in the state to launder their money and extort customers. With this law, She had no other choice but to move to Thailand.

Southeast Asia has long been a haven for casino players of the region which is why She was looking to profit again. But this time, the Thai police were ready for his arrival. He was arrested on an international warrant and an Interpol red notice which goes to show you just what kind of criminal he is. The Thai police have begun a process to extradite She to China.

Illegal activities never pay off which is why criminals like She are caught by the hand of justice. If you come across an illegal casino site then you should stay away from it. The best way to notice this is by scrolling to the bottom of the webpage and finding an instance of the license and the authoritative body that issued it.


Never give illegal online casinos a chance. The operators are sleazy people looking to extort you which is why you’ll be better off enjoying your games at legal online casinos. The same goes for land-based establishments. Staying safe is important which is why both venues and casino sites will keep you safe and secure when you’re visiting them.