Clearwater River Casino Player Hit $191,000 Jackpot

Clearwater River Casino Player Hit $191,000 Jackpot

It seems that Clearwater River Casino has had its fair share of jackpot winners recently. One woman had snagged a million and more recently, a player snags a $191,000 jackpot. Big wins will turn a life around and that goes double for jackpots.

The winner decided to remain anonymous after the win, which is something most people go for. A slot machine was responsible for the jackpot as it is linked to a host of other machines, meaning the jackpot is progressive. The winner was lucky to snag the jackpot!

The Bigger Picture

Slot machines are some of the most popular casino games. There’s no end to the people that enjoy a good slot game and the best part about enjoying them is that you don’t need any knowledge beforehand. Just take your coins, place a wager, pull the lever, and wait for matching symbols to land. When that happens you’ll get a prize, and if you’re lucky you can get a jackpot.

The recent winner at the Clearwater River Casino managed to be lucky enough to snag a progressive one. The one thing to remember about progressive jackpots is that they are notoriously difficult to land, but they come in big sizes when they do. The winner decided to go for Dollar-Storm Emperor’s Treasure slot machine developed by Aristocrat.

This is the kind of machine that is connected to a Wide Area Progressive Jackpot which means multiple machines across several casinos are combined. In other words, anyone playing any of those machines could have gotten the $191,000 jackpot, but the winner happened to be the one in Clearwater River Casino.

The person decided to go for a wager of $20 per spin and the wager came back multiplied. In short, that person was the lucky recipient of $191,163.89 which is quite the sum. The player managed to turn a single bet into a big prize all with the pull of a lever.

The winner is now richer and that person is another example of just how random progressive jackpots can be. There’s no telling how high they can go either as some prizes range in the millions while others range in the thousands. Landing them is a nearly impossible task as there’s no foolproof way of doing so. In other words, lady luck should be on your side.


Winning a jackpot is a feeling like no other. The lucky recipient managed to snag one that ranged in the thousands and that person was lucky enough to have landed a progressive jackpot. When lady luck is on your side, you’ve got a chance of winning something truly amazing and experiencing a life-altering event.