Couple Robbed After Returning Home From Hard Rock Casino

Couple Robbed After Returning Home From Hard Rock Casino

Casino visitors are often victims of crime. Sometimes the motivation behind a robbery might be a recent casino win.

Robbers are looking for a quick score and will do anything to get it. They might follow a visitor, or in this case a couple to get their winnings at gunpoint.

After a night at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, a couple went home to call it a night, but what happened next shocked them. As they left the vehicle, they were met by a mysterious man with a gun in his hand and he robbed them.
But let’s look at the details of the story.

A Night at the Casino, Ruined

A couple went for a night out at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Hollywood. They decided to commit a night to the excitement and they played a couple of games. It’s unclear if they won something or not, but it would seem a logical assumption.

Usually, when someone wins a jackpot or another grand prize, then that person is a target. There have been a couple of robberies to suggest this which is why each winner needs to be careful when leaving the casino with their prize. Usually, there would be a spotter or groups of spotters at the casino looking for the winner which is a potential victim.

Once this happens, they signal a partner or partners and the victim is followed and robbed, often at gunpoint. However, it’s unclear if this happened with the couple in question. The investigation is underway and currently, there is no evidence that the man robbing them was tailing them on their way home.

Then there’s the second possibility, which is the victim just saw them and waited for them to get out of the car. The couple reached their home at Banyan Road just before 4:30 am and that’s when their night at the casino was ruined. The perpetrator was masked and was pointing a gun at them. They were relieved of their wallets, phones, and cash.

After getting their belongings, the robber jumped over a cement wall and fired a shot in their direction. The couple didn’t wait and went straight to the nearest police station which happened to be the one in Boca Raton. They gave a brief description of the robber and the police have begun an investigation immediately.

As the investigation is still underway, there’s no telling how soon the police will catch up with the robber. What happened to that couple is terrible and it was a horrible way to end their night at the casino. The circumstances still aren’t clear though although there aren’t any indications that the couple was aware of the robber.


As mentioned before, big casino wins are targets for all sorts of people, especially criminals. You can take precautions to prevent this kind of thing from happening and in the worst-case scenario, you can always rely on law enforcement to do their job and get the robber.

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