Farnham Lands £250,000 Jackpot in Newcastle

Farnham Lands £250,000 Jackpot in Newcastle

There are lots of casinos available in Newcastle because there are lots of people that like to enjoy a casino game once in a while. Most UK casino fans can also enjoy a variety of casino games online, but they don’t shy away from visiting a land-based casino once in a while.

One such casino is Grosvenor casino and it has visitors from all over the UK. Recently a Farnham man visited the casino and went for a round of poker. He had been playing for 3 hours when he managed to land the £250,000 jackpot.

Poker Can Lead to Big Prizes Too

Casinos see spectacular wins from time to time. They are usually related to slots as these casino games have a variety of fixed jackpots they offer. Some of them are linked together by sharing a prize pool called a progressive jackpot and when that kind of jackpot lands, then everyone in the area is in an uproar.

Something similar had happened in Grosvenor Casino that day. Curtis Ashley is a Furnham man that heard a lot of good things about the casino and decided to visit it for a day. He had a rough year where he’d lost his job. On the upside, he had proposed to his girlfriend.

But he was still looking to enjoy his favorite hobby and that’s playing poker. When he heard of Grosvenor Casino he decided it was worth a visit. That day he arrived at the casino and didn’t waste any time as he was looking for the table game section. Then he found the poker tables and went for three-card poker.

The rounds were coming and going and Curtis was up and down in the game of three-card poker. Three hours had passed and he was looking for a win. That’s when the jackpot hit him. He wasn’t expecting to win as no jackpot winner does, but he managed to walk into a new casino, play his favorite game and land a jackpot of £250,000.

Naturally, he was excited and he said that he and his fiancé will be investing in some property right after a quick celebration. Even his dad came all the way from Surrey to congratulate him.


When huge wins like this happen they change lives and prove that when lady luck is on your side anything can happen. Curtis is another jackpot winner at Grosvenor Casino’s hall of winners.