Florida Casino Shelters Hurricane Survivors

Florida Casino Shelters Hurricane Survivors

A casino venue is a place that people visit to play some games. They might be looking for a prize to win or they might be looking for a thrilling atmosphere. Either way, they’ll find both at the casino gaming tables and machines or at the nearby bars and restaurants.

But recently hurricane Ian has been wreaking havoc in the states and survivors were looking for a safe place. The Miccosukee Casino & Resort in Florida turned out to be such a place as it welcomed hurricane survivors of all ages. It’s an unlikely place, but it’s a safe one.

An Unlikely Shelter

There’s no going against nature so if you happen to be in her way then it’s best to move to a safer place. That’s why hurricanes aren’t things to be messing around with and why people are always looking to escape. Hurricanes have a history with the US and the current one is still out large.

People are looking for shelters anywhere they can because any place is safer than the one with a hurricane nearby. It just so happened that a casino in Florida was looking to lend a hand to the survivors. Some went for the casino complex while others decided to stay in the parking lot. Either way, both were welcome.

Some of them decided to go for the rooms at the complex and others even went a step further by exploring the casino and its gaming rooms. Some were at the bars and restaurants and were discussing how happy they are to be alive. The people at the parking lots relied on trailers as their mobile homes and were pretty much discussing the same thing.

It’s in situations like these that people get together in the most unlikely of places, hence the Florida casino being a shelter for hurricane survivors. Some of them decided to stay for a day or two and then left to see how dire the situation turned out to be while others decided to stay a bit longer as they are still skeptical of how safe things are.

The casino is open to help any other survivors out there and they can freely access the casino and its parking lot. It’s a safe zone for anyone willing to come as the complex will have them. Staying safe during tough times is the most important thing.

That’s why casinos, schools, and other kinds of places are being turned into shelters for hurricane survivors. The hurricane won’t be around forever, but for the time it is, it’s best if the people living in those areas find shelter as far away as possible. Surviving nature is what man does best, which is why we have been alive for so long.


The Florida casino did the right thing in taking in these people. Tough times require all sorts of measures to be taken as things aren’t set in a regular schedule. The community will remember this kind of support which is why people will continue coming to the complex.