Former Casino Cheat Reveals Tools of the Trade

Former Casino Cheat Reveals Tools of the Trade

They say cheaters never prosper, but some people are really good at cheating. In fact, they’re so good that they’re never caught. The cheaters that do get caught either quit their scheme or come up with a new one. But they’re eventually caught again.

Richard Marcus is one of the few iconic casino cheaters. He managed to get into a scheme and learn the trade. Then he used his skills to make off with £30 million from casinos all over the world. Nowadays, he’s a casino consultant and helps casinos to uncover cheats.

A Reformed Man That Helps Casinos

Richard started liking casino games when he first saw the races. He liked to place a horse racing bet or two and this was the reason he got into the casino industry. He started out as a dealer in Four Queens Casino. He was doing pretty well as he had a job he liked.

One night he met Joe Classon, who wanted to meet Richard after his shift. The two got together and devised a cunning scheme that would win them thousands of dollars. As Richard was a dealer, he shuffled the cards in such a way that the people playing with them would know the hands that followed when the other dealer came to the scene.

The scheme was a massive success and they continued working together. Joe and Richard came up with the Savannah Strategy which included stealing or adding chips while distracting the dealer. They would usually do the scheme at baccarat and roulette tables.

Richard and his partners would act drunk at a table to distract the dealer and would sneak in chips of higher value. If their hand was a winning one, then they would win more. But if their hand turned out to be a losing one, then they would remove the high-value chip from the stack.

Their schemes were successful and they walked away with millions. Richard was caught once and when he was taken to court he pleaded ignorance and was left off the hook. Richard traveled the world and visited casinos in London, and Monte Carlo and was a star in Vegas.

After 25 years as a professional casino cheat, he made off with $30 million. Nowadays, he’s a reformed man as he’s helping casino bosses with his tricks of the trade. He’s also teaching casino consultants how to protect casino profits.

Moreover, Richard has written lots of books on the subject of casino cheating and continues to help casinos get rid of people with a similar agenda. He has discovered the error of his ways and is making up for it with his knowledge.


People like Richard know a variety of the tools of the trade known as casino cheating. If he had continued to cheat casinos he would have been caught eventually because he’s an older man now. He got wise from experience which is why he decided to be a helping hand to casinos when dealing with cheaters.