Former Las Vegas Manager Stole and Gambled Thousands

Former Las Vegas Manager Stole and Gambled Thousands

The Strip is host to many casinos and other kinds of establishments. You can think of them as resorts as they are fitted with bars, restaurants, and more. They are there to offer an unforgettable casino experience to all the players, and managers are there to keep things running.

The Venetian Hotel and Casino is one of the most popular casinos to visit on the strip. Its Sugarcane Bar and Grill is another favorite destination for tourists, but one of its ex-managers was arrested and sent to jail for theft. The manager stole thousands to fuel her casino habit, but she was caught, eventually.

The Scheming Manager

Jessica Soriano seemed to be a manager like any other. She was part of the management at The Venetian and to anyone working there, she seemed to be doing her job regularly. As a manager, she was in charge of handling cash deposits and charges for her shift.

The thing about money is that some people can handle it, while others can’t. In addition to this, the money isn’t yours, they are property of the company. Jessica didn’t seem to heed that rule and to her, the money was up for the taking.

That’s when she decided to take a couple of thousand dollars. But she needed to give the money back. So, she decided to take some more and play some casino games. This seemed like a good plan because a certain win on a casino table or from a slot machine will make all her problems disappear. But she lost and she went for the same tactic again.

The second lump of money was taken and wagered. There was a short period when she had hoped she would win, but lady luck wasn’t on her side. The total loss amounted to $14,000. At that point, she had given up on trying to win the money back. And it was soon after she was caught by the police.

According to her statement, the first time she had stolen the money was to help her sister by buying medication. The second and third thefts were done so she could win the money she stole. But she never paid back a cent. She was booked in Clark County Jail and was released on her recognizance.


When someone sees a jackpot being won at a casino, then that person thinks it’s pretty easy to do so. This is something that Jessica was looking to do. Theoretically, a win at the casino would solve her financial troubles, but it still needs to happen.

If she had financial problems then she should have reached out for help and not stolen from the casino that employed her. It’s highly immoral of her to do so, but there’s a probability that if she asked for a loan, they would give it to her. There’s always a solution to financial problems that doesn’t involve theft.

Players might be jealous of another lucky player that won a huge sum as they are looking for the same outcome. This can motivate another player or manager to go for foul play and embezzle the money that was trusted to the manager. But there’s always another solution and all people need to do is reach out.