Former Senator Proposes New Hampshire Casino

Former Senator Proposes New Hampshire Casino

New casinos are rising all over the States. That’s because the industry is looking to expand and new projects are mutually beneficial to the industry and the community. But before any such project begins it needs to be approved, much like any other proposal.

Former senator Andy Sanborn proposed such a project recently and it is to be built on the east side of Concord City. The project is a casino complex that will feature a hotel, restaurants, and bar as well as a dedicated gaming floor. But the project is yet to be approved.

A Mutually Beneficial Project

Pretty much every new project that’s proposed and approved in a community is a mutually beneficial project. This means both the company and the community have something to gain. The community gets a selection of jobs and a new place to visit while the company gets to make a profit and yield tax revenue to the state.

The proposed New Hampshire project is set to have 3 stages. The first one is dedicated to the building the huge gaming floor that’s going to take up 24,000 square feet as well as a pretty big restaurant that’s going to take up 8,500 square feet along with a nice pub. The second stage will be dedicated to the hotel which will also be pretty big as it’s designed to cater to work events, political gatherings, and weddings among other things.

Once these 2 stages are completed, it’s time for the third and final stage which includes the staffing of this complex. The project is said to open 250 job positions that include positions in the hotel, bars, restaurants, and casino. But as mentioned before, the project is yet to be approved.

The members of the Planning Board in New Hampshire are looking favorably on the project and it’s only a matter of time before approval and a starting date are issued. Casino fans in the state might have a new casino complex to visit and will have more games to play.


The community will have an additional influx of jobs and the casino will give 35% of its revenue to any chosen charity according to New Hampshire law. All this will be available once the project gets the green light. USA Casino players will have a new place to visit and the complex will also cater to any other visitors that decide to drop in.