Green Hills Heritage Raises $15K on Casino Night

Green Hills Heritage Raises $15K on Casino Night

Casinos are usually associated with Vegas and going all in for the possible jackpot. High rollers certainly appreciate this, which is why they frequent these venues. But casino games aren’t just associated with fun, they can be associated with a good cause as well.

That’s why the Resident Benefit Fund organized a casino night recently. The aim of the fundraiser was to raise as much money as possible for the Heritage of Green Hills, a community for all residents that helps them enjoy life in that community without having to worry about financial difficulties.

Casino Games Played for a Good Cause

When you need to build a community for everyone you’ll need planning, design, and lots of money to make it all happen. That’s why the officials at the Heritage of Green Hills decided on organizing a casino night. This project is from the community and for the community which is why it was so successful.

The casino night had visitors buy tickets for $30 and with that purchase, they got $2,000 worth of chips they can freely use on any of the casino games available. They could play card games, dice, or try their luck with slot machines.

These kinds of events happen twice a year. The current event saw a number of people looking to play casino games for a good cause and the fundraiser managed to raise $15k in one night. This is one example of how casino games can be used to help a good cause, such as building a community.

Naturally, there were winners and they were rewarded for their efforts. The organizer of the event, Ivan Shibley, thanked everyone for coming to such an event. Good people will always rally for a good cause which is why the Casino Night event will continue to happen.

When the community takes on a project that it will benefit from, it makes sense for people living there to participate in such an event. These events will continue to bring people together for a good cause. It also proves that casino games can come in handy when attracting people at a fundraiser. They are fun to play, otherwise, casino venues all over the world would be empty.

Even if you didn’t know how to play them, you can consider playing them one time if they’re played for a good cause. It’s a win-win situation because the community gets a fun night out and the organization behind the community project gets the funds needed to make the project happen. This is just one instance of how casino games can be helpful when it comes to making a community project come true.


The Heritage of Green Hills is one project that will come to fruition because of the many fundraiser events. Casino games are always fun to play which is why they are a good idea for a charity event for any community. Don’t be surprised if you hear of this even more often.