Grosvenor Casino Workers Are Striking for Better Pay

Grosvenor Casino Workers Are Striking for Better Pay

The past couple of years have not been kind to the United Kingdom. It is becoming harder and harder to make a decent living in the country, and unionized workers are leaving their jobs at increasing frequency. This might end up being the case for the employees at one of London’s most prominent casino properties, the Grosvenor Casino.

What is Happening?

The United Kingdom is undergoing inflation of 18%. If the problem remains unchecked, it might result in an even higher percentage, which will result in quite a few problems for the citizenry and the government of the United Kingdom.

Things like the rise in food prices can be attributed to this devastating inflation. The energy price is rising, the cost of living is through the roof (no pun intended), and gas is incredibly expensive as well. And while the UK government is attempting to regulate the problem, there is not much success.

This bad spell, seemingly, cannot be broken very easily. And of course, when the price of sheer living is growing, fewer people are going to be spending their time and money gambling.

The Grosvenor Casino Strike

Due to the inflation, the Grosvenor Casino had no choice but to underpay its workers. The employees, understandably, did not take kindly to this and threatened to walk out. In response, the gambling establishment offered the workers a retention bonus. However, said retention bonus equaled a pittance. Again, understandably, the employees rejected the offer and walked out of work.

Over 150 members of the Grosvenor Casino staff have decided that the last resort is a strike. The members of the Grosvenor Casinos Unite union are staging a three-day strike, that will start this Friday (9 September). And they are not the only ones. Workers all over the United Kingdom are unionizing, starting, or joining union strikes.

The Grosvenor casino has issued a statement claiming that they are currently facing an “extremely challenging environment”, which serves as a major threat to the company’s financial situation. And yet, apparently while still in this “challenging environment”, the casino corporation spent multiple millions of dollars upgrading certain establishments which fall under its banner.

Needless to say, Grosvenor casino employees are not happy with these developments. Whether the upcoming strike will result in a positive outcome remains to be seen. What is certain, is that the casino corporation is in major hot water.