Hairdresser Opens up About Casino Addiction

Hairdresser Opens up About Casino Addiction

Casino addiction is a serious issue. The stigma that surrounds it prevents victims to speak out and get some help which is why it’s such a difficult issue to deal with.

One UK hairdresser decided to speak out about her casino addiction. Christine Tolaini had been tackling addiction for some time, but it was one incident that caused her to speak out and get help. In one afternoon, she spent £70,000 on slot machines and lost them. That was the last straw that prompted her to speak out.

She Spent £70K in One Afternoon and Decided That Was That

The thing about Christine is that her addiction started early. She liked the thrill of it and she would visit the local casino and play some slots regularly. She would play in a good mood and she would play in a bad mood. Naturally, she’d make the mistake of chasing after losses which is why she would lose so much money.

When she was younger, she and her friends went on a trip to Vegas and she loved it. A year passed and she decided to have a time-share room in Vegas so she could come back once a year. As time passed, she started playing slots more often and her addiction would become more serious.

In 2017, she managed to win a £50,000 jackpot, but by that time she was pretty addicted to slot machines. She decided to play the slots again and lost £70,000 in just one afternoon, her jackpot included. This moment of great loss turned out to be a moment of sobriety for Christine. She saw what she was doing and realized that she didn’t control the situation.

That’s when she decided to stop and she was doing well until 2021 when she started playing slots again. Again she realized she was making a mistake which is why she turned to Gamblers Anonymous. So far, she hasn’t visited a casino, online or otherwise, in 19 months and she’s regularly seeing a counselor. In short, Christine managed to put a lid on casino addiction and is doing better nowadays.


As mentioned before, casino addiction is hard to deal with. Women face greater stigma than men if they come out as casino addicts which is why they have it worse. But people like Christine show you that it’s possible to get better if you ask for help.