Hard Rock Casino Player Robbed After Successful Night

Hard Rock Casino Player Robbed After Successful Night

Winning big is an event seen often at casino establishments all over the world. The winner will take their prize and spend it however they want to and usually, they remain anonymous to avoid unnecessary attention. But some winners like to make a big thing out of it.

It just so happened recently that a winner at Tampa Seminole Hard Rock Casino had won $53,000. He decided to celebrate and made a big fuss about it which is why he attracted the attention of 3 people that followed him to his hotel and robbed him. The police are still looking for suspects.

Keep It to Yourself

When you win at a casino it’s vital to be excited for a moment and let others congratulate you. Then it’s a good idea to get your winnings and quietly leave the premises. You don’t know who might be in the area and you don’t want a target on your back.

The winner in question didn’t heed any piece of advice. Instead, the winner got their winnings and decided to make a big show of it. In other words, police footage confirms that the winner posted pictures of his winnings on social media which is careless in any case.

The winner was carrying his bags of money to a black taxi and went to their hotel room. Just as the man was about to open his door, someone grabbed one of the bags and started running. The winner went after him and managed to tackle him and take some of his money back. But a second man came and pushed the winner over so the robber can escape.

When the winner got to their room he saw that there was only $10,000 left from his prize. The 2 robbers were accompanied by a third man and they had been in the casino when the winner snagged the $53k prize. They decided to rob him since the winner couldn’t keep his mouth shut about it and once they saw the pictures on the winner’s social media, it was on.

Once the winner got into the taxi, they went into an Alfa Romeo and tailed the car. Once the destination was reached, one of them got out and followed the winner with the bags. It was supposed to be a simple snatch and run, but the winner got after him and tackled him. While the man was trying to get away with the money, another assailant got out of the car and pushed the winner away. Both thieves got away in the Alfa Romeo. The winner was left picking up the money from the ground.

The police have confirmed the incident via the camera footage and are currently looking for suspects.


It’s clear that the winner didn’t try to hide that they won big. Posting wins on social media is not the way to go as they will attract the attention of all kinds of people, thieves, too. So, whenever you win, keep it quiet and stay anonymous if possible.