Hawaii Woman Wins $717K Jackpot at Vegas Casino

Hawaii Woman Wins $717K Jackpot at Vegas Casino

Las Vegas is the kind of place that gets a lot of visitors. But there are also other places across the state that have casinos to offer. Players come from all over the world and the US to enjoy quality casino games.

One such visitor came from Hawaii. She usually went to California, but this time she decided to go stay at Fremont Casino. She visited Vegas and on her first slot machine and her first spin, she won a $717k jackpot. So, she’s had quite a memorable trip with that win alone.

A Win on the First Spin

Progressive jackpots get a lot of attention. That’s because they give players a chance to win some big prizes. These jackpots are made of money pooled into a single prize from the slot machines linked to the jackpot. These jackpots are also available at online casinos where several slot games are linked.

The thing that makes these jackpots interesting is the fact that there’s no telling when one will land and who will win it. This is exciting for every player enjoying a slot machine with a progressive jackpot. That’s why people still play these kinds of games.

The Hawaii visitor decided on a slot machine that day. And she happened to choose a slot machine that was linked to a progressive jackpot. She decided on a $5 bet. She put in the money and pressed the button. The reels were spinning and finally stopped to reveal a winning combination.

Suddenly there was a sound, the kind of sound you hear when you’ve won a jackpot. She could not believe the fact that she’d won a progressive jackpot. The visitor managed to win $717,738.83. Her trip just got more interesting and she created a memory that she would cherish.

Progressive jackpots can range in the millions. There are signs that let you know how much money is in the pool. Once that amount is won, the pooling process begins again. Players can win millions or thousands but all the winners so far have managed to get life-changing sums.

There isn’t a strategy that will help you land the progressive jackpot each time. There’s no telling when it will land which is why players keep placing bets and spinning. When it lands, there’s just one lucky recipient and that’s the end of the story.

Some players celebrate right away, while others remain anonymous after such a win. The main thing after any kind of win is to remain safe and get to a safe place with your prize. Take extra precautions when you win in land-based casinos and online.


The Hawaiian woman is another winner in the history of the casino and the lucky recipient of a progressive jackpot. These kinds of jackpots change peoples’ lives and they continue to get the attention of a lot of players. Consistency is key when players are looking to land such a jackpot and that is why you have lots of players struggling to have a shot at it.