Historic Reno Property Sold by Jacobs Entertainment for $1

Historic Reno Property Sold by Jacobs Entertainment for $1

In a surprising turn of events, Jacobs Entertainment has agreed to sell Reno’s oldest residential building, known as the Borland-Clifford House, for just one dollar. The house, a significant piece of Reno’s heritage, was acquired from its previous owner in a much-contested deal by Jacobs Entertainment as part of a larger district revitalization project.

Historical Significance and Community Reaction

The Borland-Clifford House, built in the 1870s, stands as a testament to Reno’s rich history. Local preservationists have long advocated for the house’s preservation, expressing concerns over potential demolition due to new developments. The decision to sell the house for a dollar has been met with mixed reactions. While some community members see this as a positive step towards preserving the historic structure, others remain skeptical about the future location and care of the building.

The Future of the Borland-Clifford House

Under the terms of the sale, the buyer is responsible for relocating the house at their own expense. This condition has raised questions about the feasibility of preserving the house’s structural and historical integrity. Preservationists are advocating for a careful and considerate approach to the relocation to ensure that Reno’s oldest house remains a part of the city’s living history.

Impact on Reno’s Revitalization Efforts

The sale of the Borland-Clifford House is part of Jacobs Entertainment’s broader plan to revitalize the West Fourth Street area, aiming to transform it into a vibrant residential and tourist district. The company has been actively purchasing and modifying properties in the area, with plans that include both commercial and residential developments. As we watch these changes unfold, the community remains hopeful that the historic essence of West Fourth Street will not only be preserved but also celebrated.

This notable sale marks a significant moment in Reno’s ongoing narrative of development and preservation, highlighting the delicate balance between modernization and historical preservation.

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