Hollywood Bigshots That Enjoy Casino Games

Hollywood Bigshots That Enjoy Casino Games

Everyone enjoys a good movie now and then, and Hollywood makes sure the films stay good. They make sure that the films keep coming too and even if they don’t Hollywood bigshots don’t mind dazzling their fans with their appearances whether they are on the red carpet or in everyday lives.

But what do these stars do when they’re not preparing for their next role? Well, they enjoy their free time in various ways. Some of them like to exercise, others spend some time with their families or with a good book. And some of them enjoy playing games. Casino games to be exact.

They’re not hardcore gamers, but enjoy an occasional casino game in their free time. In that regard, here are some Hollywood bigshots that like playing casino games:

Tobey Maguire

Pretty much everyone knows Tobey from the Spiderman movies and when he’s not swinging from one building to another then he enjoys playing some poker. In fact, he’s quite the poker player and has proved himself on several occasions. 2004 was the year he decided to play professionally and since then he has made several appearances in the World Series of Poker. He even snagged the top spot in the Hollywood Park Casino tournament.

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen is known for his performances on-screen and off-screen. His extravagant lifestyle is well-known to the media and fans, and another thing he enjoys spending his free time on is poker. He’s also a person that likes to bet on sports and doesn’t mind losing as he’s spent a fortune on it. When he’s not betting on sports or shooting a film, he’s in some casino enjoying a good poker game.

Brad Pitt

This handsome actor has his fingers in many pies. In other words, he’s shot a lot of blockbuster films and has been praised for his performances over the years. When he was filming Ocean’s Eleven he found a new hobby. He started playing slot machines and got interested in some of the other casino games as well. This hobby stuck around and he enjoys it whenever he’s not preparing for a role.

Matt Damon

Mr. Damon is another splendid Hollywood actor that you’ve seen in hits like The Last Duel, The Martian, Good Will Hunting, and a bunch of other amazing films. But did you know that he likes playing some poker? He’s not just a regular poker player as he’s pretty good. He’s been known to visit a casino or two and snag some poker prizes while he’s there.

Ben Affleck

Ben and Matt have played friends on-screen and are friends off-screen. These are 2 Hollywood bigshots that enjoy playing some poker. In fact, Ben is a frequent visitor of several Las Vegas casino establishments and has been known for his big bets. Sometimes they paid off, while other times they didn’t.


Hollywood stars never cease to amaze us with their extravagant lives and hobbies so you shouldn’t be surprised that some of them enjoy playing a casino game or two.