How Gonzalo Pelayo Outsmarted Casinos

How Gonzalo Pelayo Outsmarted Casinos

It’s usually when a man is at his most desperate that they start noticing things and coming up with inventions. This has been done in the world of casinos, namely land-based casinos. Some players like to cheat, but these are the kinds of players that use the environment to their advantage.

Gonzalo Pelayo is one such man as he took careful notice of the imperfections of Gran Casino Madrid. After carefully studying the wins, in a couple of months he used his knowledge to gain the upper hand at the casino and walk away with substantial wins. In other words, he managed to snag £1.6 million with his data.

A Few Imperfections Can Lead to a Win

Gonzalo was a man that had a rough life. At an early age, he lost his father and was forced to move to Seville. Throughout his life, he was never interested in casinos, but he liked music instead. He studied music and took on a job at a radio station and a nightclub. He was happily married by then, but his jobs didn’t provide him with the means to take care of his family, and he had 5 children.

That’s when he stumbled across a casino and started noticing a few things. That’s when he decided to visit his local casino more often. He took a notebook with him and noted all the slight imperfections of each roulette table. He noticed that certain numbers reappear after 28 throws and slight differences in the casino floor, wheel and the mechanisms behind it give out certain results.

Armed with that knowledge he decided to play roulette at several local casinos, and he made a killing. It wasn’t long before he got 2 of his children, Ivan and Vanessa, to gather information in his stead. This let him double his winnings and walk away with a lot of money.

Certain casinos noticed his frequent presence which is why they took him to court. When he explained his case to the judge it was ruled out that he was a cheat and made knowledge of the environment to win. In short, he was cleared of all charges and continued his winning streak.

He became a legend and his story inspired a movie. It’s men like these that prove that you can win if you have enough knowledge. Imperfections like the casino floor and roulette mechanisms are things that some players can use and the casino should fix them if they don’t want them to be used against them. Gonzalo didn’t do anything illegal which is why he isn’t a cheat. He simply used his detailed knowledge when playing roulette.


If you have knowledge of all the comings and goings of a roulette wheel then you’ll be unstoppable the next time you decide to play the game. Gonzalo’s case is just one example of how the right amount of knowledge is useful when playing roulette in a land-based casino. Gonzalo wouldn’t have been successful if he had played roulette online.