How Kevin Van Veen Beat Gambling Addiction

How Kevin Van Veen Beat Gambling Addiction

A Recovery: How Kevin Van Veen Beat Gambling Addiction

Many football fans might know the name Kevin Van Veen as he’s a popular football player. He has played for a variety of teams and is currently a member of Motherwell FC. Recently he opened up about his interest in casino games and betting and how that took him on a dark path.

Addiction almost took over Kevin’s life. That’s because he reached out for help and turned the game around. He did the hard work and has been free of it for 2 years. But addiction is something that builds up gradually and grows strong when it has its roots which weren’t strong enough for Kevin.

The Early Years

Kevin was into football from an early age so it made sense that he’d get into it. After he put in the effort he emerged as a football player like no other. By the time he reached 18, he had made a name for himself. But his career was put at risk because of his hobbies.

He revealed that he enjoyed playing casino games and games of chance. He might not have gotten big checks at the beginning of this career, but he managed to spend it all on his hobbies. This eventually led to depression and anxiety.

His friends also enjoyed placing small bets and they got him to do the same. Little did he know that this would grow into a dark habit that almost cost him his career and his life. He somehow managed to continue his career as it would fill his addiction for years. But it was only a matter of time before things got out of hand as is often the case with many cases of addiction.

Walking Along a Razor’s Edge and Making It Out

Kevin was doing good as a football player, but cracks started to appear in his armor. The addiction was seeping in and it didn’t know of stopping. As the checks got bigger, the bets would increase and he would lose more money. He started missing training just so he could visit the nearby casino.

His situation had gotten so out of hand that he would even get up in the middle of the night just so he can bet money on a casino game. He was in it for the kick of it. Things would have gotten worse if he didn’t decide to put a stop to it.
Kevin Van Veen reached out to family members and teammates and also sought the help of professionals. He has been clean for 2 years now and is focused on football as well as his well-being. In other words, this is one of the few stories that show how anyone with addiction can turn things around.


Kevin is just one example of how to beat addiction to casino games. Sites make sure to offer all sorts of measures to help those in need. All anyone needs to do is reach out and help will be given.