How the Casino Industry Influences Pop Culture

How the Casino Industry Influences Pop Culture

There’s no doubt that the casino industry is influential. It has been spanning for decades and it enjoys an online presence. Pop culture is only one of the aspects that it has influenced.

The thing about pop culture is that it’s a concept made up of several elements. Movies, books, TV shows, comics, and even music are parts of it. And it’s no secret that they have taken some influence from the casino industry.

Casino in Films

You’ve probably seen a film or two about casinos. One of the most striking crime films of the ages is named Casino and it follows the story of the dark history of Vegas. Casino games are played in many casino establishments all over the world, and they’ve made it into some movies.

Rounders is an example of this as it follows the story of a talented poker player. Although he plays illegal games, it’s still a great film to enjoy. There’s a certain aesthetic to casinos that make them interesting settings for films.

The film Casino is set in one and Casino Royale is another example. It features a high-stakes poker game and there’s more to it than meets the eye. As things are going, the casino and film industries won’t break any ties, and casino establishments or games will continue appearing in films and TV shows too.

Casino in Entertainment

The most popular form of entertainment today is gaming. Films and TV shows also fall under this category. However, the number of gamers today is staggering compared to the number of gamers when the industry was starting out.

Game developers take inspiration wherever they can find it. This is why they have been influenced by the casino industry. One of the obvious examples would be the presence of casino games in video games. Red Dead Redemption 2 features poker and blackjack that players can enjoy in saloons and hotels. They can also earn in-game currency.

Another example would be Pazaak which isn’t a casino game, but it’s based on one. Pazaak is a card game gamers can play in Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic and the casino game is based on blackjack.

The post-apocalyptic New Vegas is an homage to Las Vegas today and it serves as the setting of Fallout New Vegas. In it, you’ll get to explore a world after a nuclear fallout and you’ll even get 5 establishments where you’ll get to play casino table games and slot machines.

Casino in Literature and Music

The world of literature has also taken an influence from the casino industry. A certain Dostoyevsky spent a lot of time in casinos which is why his first book is called The Gambler and focuses on roulette. Then you have the MIT Blackjack team which inspired a book about them and made it off with substantial sums of money.

When it comes to the music industry you don’t need to look further than the King of Rock N Roll and his Viva Las Vegas.

Lemmy Kilmister is another songster that enjoyed a poker game or two which is why he wrote Ace of Spades.


In conclusion, the influence of the casino industry over pop culture is present. It has helped shaped amazing films, games, and books which means it won’t go away anytime soon.