Illegal Casino Operation Uncovered in Cyprus

Illegal Casino Operation Uncovered in Cyprus

Cyprus is one of the countries where lots of casino fans live. The legislation is friendly to gaming online and offline which is why the country has several establishments available online and offline. But certain people will do anything to play some casino game, which can turn into a problem.

Recently, a police raid uncovered an illegal online casino in the city of Famagusta. The people that made it happen were caught and all their devices were confiscated. The casino needed to have a license to operate legally.

Cyprus Illegal Casino Shut Down

Whenever a local or foreign brand name is looking to invest in a country via a casino project it will need to be approved by the local commission. Once this happens, they’ll need a license to operate, and that same board or commission will grant them such a license. This kind of permit will permit them to operate in the country for some time. When their license expires they will need to get a new one. Naturally, they’ll need to follow regulations if they’re looking to keep their existing license.

The situation is more or less the same in Cyprus. Anyone looking to create an online casino will need to apply for a license and establish a project in its entirety. If that person doesn’t get a license, then the person isn’t allowed to create an online casino in Cyprus. What these people need to do is try again and apply for a license at a later time.

But some people in Famagusta weren’t having it and they decided to make their own casino happen. They got the equipment needed for such an endeavor and established their online casino. It’s not clear how long they operated, but the police got wind of their operations which is why they decided to check out their location.

When they arrived at the place there was a 42-year-old man that managed the location. The police also confiscated €3,505 in cash as well as lots of documents and 7 computers. Another man was found in front of the building and he was playing games of chance on a PC. Both men have been detained and the case is being processed which means they will be taken to court.

Visiting illegal casinos is risky because players can be swindled out of their money. Moreover, regulations are there to be followed and that’s why no illegal casino will last long. Players should always avoid illegal casinos and look for those with a license. This way, they’ll know that they will be safe and no one will misuse their personal or financial data.


A casino license is needed for every online casino. If you see one at a site, it means you’re safe which is why you should always go for licensed casinos. The illegal ones will pop up, but you would do your best to ignore them as they can put you in needless danger. Take extra precautions to be safe.