Iowa Woman Robbed After Casino Win

Iowa Woman Robbed After Casino Win

Casino wins are a joyous occasion. They can happen unexpectedly and when they do you’ll get all sorts of reactions from people. Some of them might be envious and might do something to you. This is what happened to a woman in Iowa.

After she’d won 2 jackpots she was pretty happy. She went to get her wins, put them in her car, and started driving. A little while after that she was robbed by two people. Police have apprehended one suspect and are looking for the second one.

The Huge Win

The Praire Meadows Casino was the place where the woman enjoyed a casino game. She decided to remain anonymous after the incident. So, she popped into the casino for some entertainment and she got it. In other words, she was the lucky recipient of not one, but two jackpots.

She managed to win over $10,000 and a regular visit to the casino turned into an incredible one. So she went to pick her money up and chucked them into her purse. After that, she went to the parking lot, got into her car, and started driving.

But this wouldn’t be a smooth drive as just minutes later she was being forced off the road by 2 vehicles. When she stopped, two people walked up to her car. One of them banged on the passenger seat’s window and the other one broke the driver’s window and got her purse. They drove off and she called the police.

The officers didn’t waste any time and managed to track down one of the suspects. They didn’t find the prize when searching the suspect’s house and are currently looking for the second assailant. But this was a planned robbery as the camera footage of the casino shows.

The Robbery and Outcome

Timothy Spencer was in the casino establishment early on. He was looking to score and there were plenty of victims for him to choose from. The other assailant was probably there as well and kept an eye out for a victim too. Timothy saw the Iowa woman and how happy she was. He also found out that she won 2 jackpots which is why he decided to follow her.

He and his partner got in their cars and started following her. They didn’t bother wearing masks, but Timothy had his gun ready just in case. They ran her off the road and Tim walked up to her window, smashed the glass, and got her money.

They didn’t waste any time and drove away. Because they didn’t wear masks the Iowa woman was able to describe them and a sketch had the police knocking on Spencer’s door. They found $2,000 dollars and a reveler as well as $1,000 dollars in his car. He was tried and convicted.


This incident shows that anyone can be a victim of a crime. She won her jackpots in a casino venue and was robbed. Luckily the police got down to work and found one of the suspects. Jackpots always attract the attention of many which are why you should be careful with them.

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