Konami Unveils New Systems and Games in Vegas

Konami Unveils New Systems and Games in Vegas

Companies in the casino industry don’t rely on past success to get new clients. In other words, they combine their resources and creativity to come up with new games and terminals. They gather at casino conventions all over the world.

The Global Gaming Expo or G2E recently took place in Vegas and casino enthusiasts had the chance to see what the companies were up to. One of them was Konami and it unveiled new systems and games on their terminals that players will have access to soon.

Different Kinds of Cabinets and Games

Konami is a name that’s known in the world of gaming, so some might be surprised that the company has a section that deals exclusively with slot machine games and terminals. It also took its spot at this year’s G2E and made some interesting revelations.

In other words, it introduced a new system called SYNKROS which enables operators to manage casino games more efficiently. The system also includes Money Klip technology, an Oracle Analytics tool as well as a mobile app that eases the integration of the system that helps it adapt to the players.

The company also included several new slot games such as Chain Shores Pagoda, Prize Strike, Great Guardians Link, Lucky Drums, Mystic Temple Guard, and others. These titles make up the selection of Buzzr slots and they paid homage to popular American TV shows like Family Feud and Card Sharks.

The DIMENSION 49 terminal featured Triple Sparkle and Fortune Mint which got quite the attention at the convention. In short, you can see that Konami has been pretty busy developing new systems and games for casino fans. The games are there to add more flavor to the visible diversity of Konami terminals and the systems are there to help operators provide a tailored approach to gaming while keeping players and themselves safe.

Konami has a reputation to uphold and it won’t do so by staying idle and being a one-trick pony. That’s why they make sure to unveil new games, terminals, and systems at conventions across the world. This way investors might be looking to invest in the company, operators can offer a bigger variety of games to players and players have something new to try from their favorite provider. In short, Konami is proving its worth at conventions and the company shows the world that it’s worthy of the title of the top provider.

With a host of new terminals, systems, and games Konami proves to its fans that they have nothing to fear when it comes to delivering an excellent gaming experience. The best part about the company is that it shows no signs of stopping.


Providers like Konami need to be on their toes when it comes to producing games and new systems as their competitors push the bar a little higher. Players need to be satisfied with the games they choose which is why they would stick to a provider or not. So far, Konami hasn’t disappointed its fans.