Leeds Woman Succumbed to Gaming Addiction

Leeds Woman Succumbed to Gaming Addiction

Addiction to casino games is pretty serious and can lead to all sorts of outcomes. Those that ask for help are given help and are well on their way to getting rid of it. But there are certain cases where the addicts don’t make it, like the one in Leeds.

Kimberly Wadsworth was an addict for some time and her mother tried to help her. She had booked her a therapy session to start treating her addiction, but Kimberly never made it to the session. She had succumbed to her addiction and had taken her own life.

A Battle That Led to a Downfall

The thing about Kimberly is that she was an outgoing woman. She had a career in marketing and seemed to be doing alright. She hadn’t been interested in casino games for a while but it all changed in her 20s when her father passed away.

She got into sports betting but she moved on to casino games soon after. She was a frequent visitor of online casinos and it didn’t take her long enough to achieve VIP status. Before she knew it she was pretty deep in debt and wasn’t doing much to get herself out. It seemed like she was playing these games for the thrill of it.

Her mother seemed to notice that something was wrong with her which is why she took her on holiday to Portugal. She arranged for a session of hypnotherapy to help Kimberly after they’d returned from vacation. The session was to take place a few days after they’d returned from vacation, but it never took place because Kimberly had taken her own life.

This tragic event shocked the entire family. Her mother blames the online casinos that granted her VIP status and made it easy for her daughter to waste her life and money on casino games. Naturally, she’s in a difficult spot and that’s why she takes that stance.

However, no online casino makes its players spend lots of money or get them into debt. It’s illegal for casino sites to entice players and make them play casino games. In this case, it seems that the death of Kimberly’s father put her in a difficult state and she tried to make amends by playing casino games.

If you play casino games and you start to feel like you’re getting addicted, then you can ask for help. There are ways of restricting yourself when playing online casino games as each site must provide them. You can take additional precautions as go for Gamblers Anonymous and similar organizations. The main thing is to ask for help and get yourself out in time.


Anyone that feels like they’re a casino addict should ask for help. This way they are giving themselves a chance at recovery. Any kind of therapy session or talk is impossible without reaching for outside help. Even if you’re in the beginning stages, it’s better to get out early than wait for addiction to fester.