Louisiana Riverboat Casino to Move on Land

Louisiana Riverboat Casino to Move on Land

Riverboat casinos are pretty popular and they have been so for some time. It’s a casino venue you can visit while enjoying a nice trip on the water. These casinos also have other venues you can visit besides the gaming floors which is a nice change of pace from land-based casinos.

One such casino owned by CQ Holdings is looking to make a permanent change. In other words, it’s looking to leave its sailing days behind and assume a fixed position on land. This means that the riverboat casino will become a land casino, but players and visitors will continue enjoying the view from the river.

The Sailing Days Put Behind

This is the second casino that’s looking to put the sailing days behind. Baton Rouge saw another casino, Hollywood Casino, turn from a riverboat complex to a land-based complex. In other words, the second casino is following the trend because of recent circumstances. Or its officials might have planned it all along.

The government of Louisiana has already granted a license to the riverboat casino and approved the shift from land to sea. The building process is underway and the new casino is expected to be completed by 2024, possibly in May. The riverfront along Baton Rouge is the location where regulars will get a new casino to visit.

The gaming floor will take up 16,500 square feet, which is quite large for a casino. But a floor with casino games won’t be its only attraction. There will be bars and restaurants to visit when players are looking for a breather between games or people looking for a different kind of entertainment. The complex will also have bowling alleys and other kinds of entertaining venues available. In short, it will have different things to offer to different kinds of visitors.

Sports fans will also be able to enjoy a large sportsbook on the premises. The project has its weight in millions and is bound to create 200 jobs during the building process. Once the building is done, then the staffing of the hotel, casino floor, bars, restaurants, and other entertainment venues will begin. In other words, Louisiana residents will have more jobs to pick from once the resort is finished.


The former riverboat casino will remain a tourist attraction which is a plus in everyone’s book. Moreover, the state of Louisiana will get tax revenue from the casino which can be used to further improve the economy.

Riverboat casinos won’t stop being popular just because 2 such casinos became land-based. Both complexes will remain tourist attractions and beacons of Louisiana. The new one will generate jobs, and tax revenue and will attract attention which is better for the state and the community.

Casino and sports fans will have a gaming floor and a nice big sportsbook to visit among the other entertainment venues like bars, restaurants, and bowling alleys. In short, the new land-based casino will offer something to everyone’s taste. Regular visitors will have things to enjoy.