Macau MGM Casino Opens After Negative COVID Tests

Macau MGM Casino Opens After Negative COVID Tests

Recently China has introduced new coronavirus measures which is why new cases are being locked down. This happened in MGM Cotai, an MGM casino in Macau, just because of a single COVID case.

Also, once the situation was over and COVID tests were administered and turned out to be negative, the guests and the staff had their freedom again. The guests were able to leave and the staff could start working again. Government officials stated that another round of tests will be done soon.

The MGM Cotai Casino Was Under Lockdown After a Single COVID Case

After the recent re-election of Xi Jinping as president, China introduced a new wave of restrictions to battle the rise of coronavirus cases. All the regions of the country need to follow the dynamic zero policy to battle the virus. This means even a single case of coronavirus will prompt a lockdown. Tests are administered regularly to keep the number of cases as low as possible.

The same can be said for the Macau region. Its economy depends on the operations of the casinos established there. It was revealed that a dealer at the MGM Casino was positive on a COVID test which prompted the officials to lock down the casino. The guests and staff stayed together for a few days.

Recently, another batch of tests were administered and when they showed to be negative, the staff and guests could enjoy their freedom again. With this example, it’s evident that the region takes the dynamic zero policy seriously. As mentioned before, the tests are performed regularly which is why the 70,000 people living in Macau have recently undergone a new wave of testing.

China is the birthplace of the virus which is why it has been hit the hardest. There may be no cases in months, but suddenly a few cases can appear. That’s why the entire population of China needs to be under these strict restrictions.

There’s no telling how soon China will get rid of the virus which means the restrictions will be here for a while. These measures impact China’s economy as a whole, and the Macau region is hit the hardest because it depends mainly on the operations of casinos.

Luckily, they can operate and keep the region stable. China will keep its current policy active and will keep administering COVID tests to battle the new cases of the virus successfully and prevent the spread across many regions. There’s no telling how soon the virus will be eradicated and how long the measures will take place. It’s possible that the entire Macau region will suffer in the future.


China’s restrictions are in place to help battle the rising tide of the coronavirus. The recent happenings with the MGM Cotai show just how serious the government is about these measures. The entire population of the region is being tested regularly and will continue to be subject to COVID tests until the virus is no more.