Macau’s MGM Casino Locked Down Due to COVID

Macau’s MGM Casino Locked Down Due to COVID

China has been battling COVID for years and recently a new package of restrictions was introduced. It also affects Macau, the country’s casino region. These restrictions have seriously impacted the casinos’ revenues and one recent event took things to another level.

The MGM Casino has been under lockdown since one of its dealers tested positive for COVID. State officials put the casino under lockdown and all its guests had to stay there until further notice. This is just one example of how seriously China takes its new COVID cases.

China Takes COVID Seriously

It’s no secret that the coronavirus originated in China and the country felt the hardest blow. Early cases were boxed inside their homes by the government and weren’t let out until they survived the virus. Nowadays, the populace has vaccines and they can stay relatively safe from the virus.

But the government doesn’t shy away from putting new measures in place. That’s why the Macau region is impacted the hardest. A huge chunk of the economy depends on the operations of the casinos in the regions and because of the new package of measures, they can’t operate properly.

The MGM casino has been particularly affected because of the recent lockdown. Its guests and dealers have to stay at the premises because of a single coronavirus case. These kinds of restrictions impact the region as a whole. It was shown that the new package of restrictions has lowered the value of all the casinos in Macau.

Furthermore, all the casinos in the region still haven’t gotten new licenses. The guests and staff are together and there’s no telling what will happen after the lockdown is lifted. Macau’s residents are also subject to the new package of COVID measures. They need to test for COVID daily as China has taken the matter rather seriously. The economy of the region is in shambles and the new restrictions aren’t helping either. Time will tell if the government will take a different approach to deal with the virus.


Because of the new restrictions, the MGM resort in Macau is under lockdown and neither guests nor staff can leave until further notice. This shows you just how seriously China is taking the virus. It seems the government is taking a rather rigorous approach to tackling new cases, despite the fact that their restrictions have significantly impacted Macau’s economy.