Manchester City Partners Up with LeoVegas

Manchester City Partners Up with LeoVegas

LeoVegas is a Swedish company that provides online casino services and sports betting options. They are most popular for their slot jackpots, video poker games, and their live betting service, which allows punters to place wagers while the game is going on.

LeoVegas Casino has recently been embroiled in quite a few controversies, one of which resulted in them paying a fine to the United Kingdom government. Despite all this, top-tier Premier League club, Manchester City has decided to sign LeoVegas as an official casino partner.

The Partnership

Recently, LeoVegas became Manchester City’s official betting partner, at least in Europe and in Canada. The company’s logo and name will now be plastered all over Manchester City’s home fields, the Academy Stadium and the Etihad Stadium.

The primary goal of LeoVegas here seems to be to expand into Canada. The company has already acquired a license in Ontario, however, business does not seem to be picking up. The operator’s business has neither improved nor taken a massive hit. In fact, their monthly revenue report suggests that there have been no drastic changes at all.

The Controversy

Manchester City’s decision to partner up with LeoVegas has not seen very many positive reactions. In fact, quite the opposite. The partnership has led to quite a few controversies. First and foremost, is the fact that the operator has been implicated, and fined a million pounds. The fine was doled out for failures to prevent money laundering. Though the fine came before Manchester City’s announcement, the club has decided to go forward with the sponsorship.

A second reason for the controversy is the United Kingdom government’s reforms when it comes to the gambling industry. Quite a few changes are being put forward by elected officials. One of these changes, seemingly, is going to be a ban on clubs and gambling/betting operators forming partnerships.

Growing Interest in Betting Sponsorships

Despite many governments’ claims that sports betting provides no value to the sports industry, more and more clubs from all over the world are developing an interest in forming partnerships with betting and casino operators.

Recently, both Argentina and Brazil have entered into sponsorship deals with some rather prominent casino operators. And Bet365 remains one of the most popular sponsors in the world of football. It would seem that the online betting world is going to continue to grow, and many football clubs are willing to embrace it and even condone it.