Manchester Woman Reveals Gaming Addiction

Manchester Woman Reveals Gaming Addiction

Casino games are fun to enjoy, but if you don’t put some limits on your budget and be disciplined about it, then you’ll have a run-in with addiction. This is a serious issue and more and more people are revealing their trouble with it.

Lisa Walker is another proof that not just men, but women have been battling gaming addiction. Lisa was skeptical about revealing her huge win that could have come in handy throughout her life. But she decided to reach out and thus defeated addiction.

Recovering From a £127,000 Loss

The thing about addiction is that once it puts its claws inside you, they’re hard to get rid of. That’s why it’s a good idea to ask for help despite the stigma and pain you might get from others. Lisa decided to reach out which is why she has been a part of a successful recovery.

Lise has stated that her love of card games began pretty early. As a child, she enjoyed playing card games with her parents, a hobby that would later grow into addiction. Once she got older she went to poker, and she liked playing it in her free time.

One day she was extremely lucky. It seemed like an ordinary day, but she would later realize just how lucky she was. She went there and started playing poker. As the rounds were going, she was getting better and better. This streak of small wins yielded a huge one in the form of £127,000. She was a winner and she was treated as such.

Everyone around her congratulated her and the casino threw in some free drinks and food. They told her that she could come back any time she wanted. Lisa was one of the lucky winners that got away with a six-figure sum. But addiction had gotten a hold of her and she decided to chase the win. She played all sorts of casino games and lost all her money. She ended up homeless because of her addiction.

Luckily, she reached out for help, and help was provided. Once she beat casino addiction she decided to help other women defeat it. She formed her group called New Beginnings and is still helping loads of women battle casino addiction.

It might be a bit tougher for women because it’s usually men that struggle with addiction. Either way, both sexes are responsible for themselves and should reach out the moment they start slipping away into addiction. Getting help is the most important thing regardless of what people think of you. Casino addiction is a serious thing and it’s best to get rid of it early on.


Lisa is another success story that tells anyone dealing with addiction that they can make it. All they need to do is ask for help and put the stigma aside. Things can be better only if you deem them so which is why you don’t need to be alone in your struggles.