Melbourne Casino Gets $120 Million Fine

Melbourne Casino Gets $120 Million Fine

It seems the casino industry in Australia is going through tough times when huge brand names are found guilty of doing illegal activities. The Crown Entertainment brand was found guilty of a money laundering scheme.

Recently the Crown Casino in Melbourne was discovered to have breached Victorian Gaming Laws which is why it was fined $120 million. Regulations are there to be followed and fines are there to punish those that didn’t commit to regulations. That’s why gaming commissions exist, they are there to keep things in order.

2 Fines for Breaching Gaming Laws

When certain brands are established, they need to continue keeping themselves popular. This doesn’t mean they can do whatever they want. The regulations are there to keep things in order and the commissions exist to keep things that way. Naturally, if a certain brand or casino doesn’t adhere to them, then that brand or casino will be fined.

This is what happened to the Crown Melbourne casino. It was fined for breaching Victorian Gaming Laws. The Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission fined the casino because of breaching gaming laws. The casino needs to pay fines that total $120 million.

The first fine amounts to $100 million. The first fine comes as a result of breaching a law that states that casinos need to stop players from playing longer than 24 hours. This means that the Crown Melbourne casino did the exact opposite. Players could play as long as they wanted which means they spent more money at the venue.

In other words, the casino was looking to maximize profit instead of the well-being of its customers. The second law they breached also points out to this. The Melbourne Casino also allowed players to play as long as they wanted on multiple machines. This is why the casino needs to pay an additional fine of $20 million.

The commission also warned the casino a couple of times before, which means it gave the casino a chance to correct its ways. But it seems that the casino continued to breach the laws which is why it has to pay such a substantial fine.

The commission did right in punishing the casino because the regulations were made for all brands to follow. Any breach of gaming laws needs to be punished with a fine or otherwise. Laws were made to be followed, not broken and commissions exist to regulate the situation according to those laws.

The Melbourne casino officials stated that they were going to pay the fine and correct the error of their ways. Hopefully, this is one lesson that Crown Entertainment will remember and choose to follow regulations next time.


This is another example of why you should follow regulations and how gaming commissions work to keep operations in order. Brand names need to adhere to regulations otherwise they’ll pay huge fines. Rules, or in this case regulations, are made to be followed, not ignored. The fines that come afterward can’t be ignored.