MGA Games to Supply Fair Play Casino

MGA Games to Supply Fair Play Casino

MGA Games is a popular supplier of online slots and other casino games. Recently, they have stepped into an agreement with the Dutch Fair Play Casino, and will now supply a suite of iGaming titles. The deal is expected to help both companies to expand their influence. MGA Games will expand their influence in MGA Games, and Fair Play Casino will have a whole host of new games in their online library.

MGA Games Enters the Netherlands with Fair Play

MGA Games has not had a presence in the Netherlands in the past. So, this will be the first time that they make a move on the Dutch market. In 2021, the Netherlands went through a complete reform of its gambling and betting regulations. And it is precisely these re-regulations that have made the Dutch market so appealing among numerous gambling companies.

In their agreement with Fair Play Casino, it is stipulated that MGA Games will provide 10 games now, and more will come in the future. This addition to the Fair Play Casino is expected to boost its online traffic, attract new players, and improve its overall standing in the online gambling community.

As this is MGA Games’ first foray into the Netherlands, they have an interesting announcement. Supposedly, the company is working on an entirely new game, specially tailored for the Dutch Market. The new game will function as a celebration of the rich history and culture of the Netherlands.

The Agreement Will Benefit Both Companies

But it isn’t just MGA Games that will be benefiting from the new agreement. For their part, Fair Play Casino has issued several statements about their excitement for this new contract. Pascal Janshen, the business development manager of Fair Play Casino, has stated that the company is glad to have a chance of expanding its gaming library. It is the casino’s hope that the latest titles that MGA has to offer will entice new players, and create more traffic for the website.

Of course, it wasn’t just Fair Play Casino spokesmen that made their opinions known. The sales director for MGA Games also spoke out about the new contract, claiming that he, his colleagues and his company are all excited to have the opportunity to work with an established casino like Fair Play Casino. Furthermore, they are excited to be working in a brand new market and hope that their games will appeal to the Dutch gamblers.