Michigan Casino Undergoes Expansion

Michigan Casino Undergoes Expansion

When it comes to casino expansions in the US one usually looks to Vegas. It’s true that some casinos have undergone expansions which is why they get a lot of attention. But Vegas isn’t the only place that has casinos in the States.

Michigan is one such place and it’s well known to casino fans all over. The Bay Mills Resort & Casino has been keeping Michigan occupants and casino fans entertained for some time and recently it has announced an expansion. This expansion will bring a lot of interesting things to the resort.

More Interesting Things Are on the Way

The fascinating thing about the Bay Mills Resort & Casino is that it has been around since 1995 and has managed to entertain Michigan residents and visitors for such a long time. The casino houses 600 slot machines as well as 8 table games. The complex is made up of a hotel, 2 restaurants, a golf course, a gift shop, and even an RV park.

Moreover, the resort employs 200 people from the community which is why it has been around for such a long time. No one says no to proper entertainment. The officials of the casino and resort have decided to undergo an expansion that will cost a whopping $65 million.

The employee break room will be the first one that will undergo these changes. It will be revamped and additional activities will be added that will help employees take a break. Moreover, the resort will introduce fishing piers as well as gazebos, gardens, and marina upgrades.

The upgrades also concern the hotel which will get an additional 134 rooms with balconies. The resort will also get a deli, spa, some massage rooms, a fitness center and storefront, conference space, a nail salon, and more. The first stage of the project will require a lot of manpower to build which is why the project will tap into Michigan’s workforce.

Once the project is done the upgraded part of the complex will require more staff in various positions so the casino and hotel officials will turn to the community again with lots of job offers. Naturally, this expansion means they will be catering to more guests than before which will also increase the tax the complex pays to the state. In other words, the casino and hotel will get bigger, they will employ more people and both them and the state will enjoy the revenue.

Projects like these are good for everyone which is why they are supported. They need big sums of money to be completed which is why they don’t happen that often, but it’s great when they do, regardless of the area.


It seems that casinos are expanding all over the US and Michigan’s Bally Mills Resort & Casino is only a recent example. The expansion will introduce new jobs and more taxes for the state, but the casino complex will also enjoy an influx of more visitors. In short, another win-win situation.