Musicians That Don’t Mind Sitting at Casino Tables

Musicians That Don’t Mind Sitting at Casino Tables

The thing about celebrities is that they can come from all sorts of backgrounds and they still won’t cease to amaze us.

Actors and actresses as well as musicians all lead extravagant lives when they’re not making the next hit movie or song.

Rock stars are known for living the wild life, but other kinds of musicians are known for having unusual activities in their free time. And some of them enjoy casino games and other forms of gambling. The music industry has helped inspired some musical slots over time, but the influence was mutual.

There are several musicians, and some of them might be your favorites, that enjoy a trip to the casino once in a while. Here are some of them:

Frank Sinatra

The thing about Frank is that he’s arguably one of the best musicians of his time. His songs are popular to this day and are enjoyed by many fans across the world. He starred in some movies too and was known for his performances in Las Vegas. Sin City capital is known for keeping visitors in various ways and some of these ways include casino games. Frank enjoyed some casino games in his time and he’s forever woven into the memory of Vegas as well as his fans.

Lemmy Kilmister

This rascal was the leading singer and bassist of Motorhead. The band is in the Guinness Book of Records for being one of the loudest bands in existence. His rough looks and witty sense of humor are what he’s known for. In short, he was a pretty controversial figure, but a good guy in general. On his first album, he has a song called Ace of Spades so you can pretty much guess that he enjoyed a particular table casino game. In other words, Lemmy was an avid poker fan and he enjoyed video poker too.

P. Diddy

Sean Combs is one of the best when it comes to the hip-hop industry. He was the man behind Craig Mack and Notorious BIG and has immortalized his name in the music industry. He’s known for throwing wild parties and many more glamorous things. In addition to his lifestyle, he enjoys some blackjack in his free time. He even got to perform his concert in 2002 and show off his blackjack skills in the Harrah’s Casino.

Gladys Knight

Here’s another musician that belongs to the same caste as the top of the tops. She’s the woman behind Severn and Empress of Soul which is what makes her even more amazing. This woman has charted a lot of hits throughout the decades and is an icon of the music industry. She has many interesting hobbies as her fans know, and she enjoys a bit of baccarat too.


These are only some of the many musicians that enjoy a casino game or two in their free time. Their hobbies include all sorts of stuff so casino games are some things that shouldn’t keep you up at night.