Nebraska Regulators Onboard With Temporary Casino

Nebraska Regulators Onboard With Temporary Casino

The casino industry expands left and right. New resorts take the place of old ones and players get new places to visit, and the community gets an influx of jobs. This happened in Nebraska recently.

The Nebraska Racing and Gaming Commission approved a temporary casino to be built in Fonner Park recently. The Commission delayed its decision for several weeks but decided to be in favor of the building of the temporary casino.

How Does It Reflect on Other Casinos?

This is a temporary casino before the permanent one is built. In a way, it’s a casino that will be around for casino fans to enjoy before the permanent one arrives on the scene. The temporary casino will have kiosks for wagering live on sports, and horse racing including 300 slot machines, as well as a club for elite players and even a snack bar. Table game fans aren’t forgotten as blackjack and roulette tables are to be part of the casino the following year.

Although it’s a temporary casino, it will generate a buzz in the community when it comes to construction and staffing jobs. This temporary establishment will pack up its bags when the permanent casino opens its doors. This is the Grand Island Casino and it takes up 37,500 square feet of space. That space will include a nice hotel with 116 rooms, a sportsbook, as well as 20 table games and 650 slot machines.

A nice big garage will also be part of the package. There will be 4 restaurants available and people can dine on the roof too. There will also be a gift shop, 2 pools, a show lounge as well as a sports bar and a spa too. The casino is to be finished in 2025 and it’s expected to be opened before Christmas.

The WarHorse Casino in Lincoln , which is the temporary casino, will have the market for a while longer. WarHorse is also looking to open another casino in Omaha and another in Atokad Park as well. But it will take some time before those casinos are opened. Another big player, Caesar Entertainment, is looking to open a venue in Columbus, but there’s no timetable for that project.

The temporary casino will stick around and players will have a place to enjoy. Currently, the community benefits from the building of the permanent casino by getting construction jobs. When the project is built, then the casino will need staffing which is another plus for the community. The casino fans and other visitors will have many attractions to enjoy. Finally, the government will get its fair share of revenue tax. In other words, it’s a win-win situation.


The temporary casino will have a lot of interesting things to offer all its visitors, casino fans included. It will be around until the permanent casino opens its doors and then the visitors will move to a new casino that will offer them lots of interesting things. In short, they will continue to be entertained.