New Casino on Las Vegas Strip

New Casino on Las Vegas Strip

Vegas is one of the most famous towns in the casino industry. It just so happens that there have been several expansions going on in that town lately. One of them is supposed to bring a brand new casino onto the Strip.

Tilman Fertitta is the man spearheading this project and he’s decided to give Las Vegas casino fans a new venue to visit. This is going to be a huge resort with a casino as well as additional premises in and about the hotel. He’s got the proper licenses and the project is to be reviewed later in October.

A Big Project

The new Las Vegas resort includes a hotel as well as a nice big casino. It’s a project that costs several million dollars and will take up 6 acres. Tilman bought the land from a couple of local businesses and is looking to turn it into another Vegas casino.

The complex will have an array of venues such as a convention area, a wedding chapel, a spa, an auto showroom, and a theater with around 2,500 seats. The casino space is made up of 59,000 square feet to be filled with a variety of casino tables and games. The hotel will come with 2,420 hotel rooms and a garage with 2,000 parking spots.

As mentioned before the project needs to be reviewed later in October and is expected to start in March 2023. This will require a considerable workforce that will be made up of the Vegas community which means citizens can expect lots of open positions soon as the complex will need to be built from scratch.

Once the first phase of the project is done, then the casino, hotel, and other premises will need to have proper staffing to operate. This means that the community will have another influx of jobs they can fill. The government will get more tax revenue and the company will tap into the Vegas market as casino fans will have a new place to visit. Additionally, locals and tourists will flock to a new place which will benefit all parties included.

Once the project is reviewed and approved it will begin the first phase which is making the complex come to life. Once that is done, then the complex will need staff and once all the job positions are filled then Vegas citizens will have access to a new and splendid complex.

Projects like these are beneficial to anyone included and are good for the government, company, and community. Vegas is a top spot not just for casino players but for tourists as well. Another interesting complex will have more people coming to visit and have fun.


Vegas is an already established location in the casino industry. Any new casino complex will increase the popularity of the town and will be a new place for casino fans and visitors to explore. Once the complex is completed, Vegas will have another casino filled with all sorts of games and places people can visit.