New Jersey Casinos to Raise Cancer Awareness

New Jersey Casinos to Raise Cancer Awareness

The gaming industry isn’t known just for entertaining people. They are known to get together for a cause and organize tournaments and fundraisers. You can get a glimpse of that side of casinos in the states.

Recently, New Jersey casinos have gotten together to raise breast cancer awareness. October is dedicated to the awareness of that kind of cancer and many institutions will help to bring this kind of disease to light. These efforts are united to bring greater awareness and put funds to a good user.

Together Against Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a serious disease that takes lots of lives each year. That’s why it’s important to have screening for everyone, not just for those that show symptoms. The battle’s won if you prevent the disease from spreading. The more funds that go into the campaign the better breast cancer patients will fare in their treatments.

All of the casinos in New Jersey will participate in the event organized by the National Breast Cancer Foundation. They will do so by organizing various promotions and events. Some casinos will introduce special pink decorations in accordance with breast cancer and will include additional events that put a pretty penny in the campaign. Others will introduce an extended menu that will include a variety of pink drinks and all the money that comes from buying these things will be donated to the campaign.

The money will be used for both screening and breast cancer research. Casino tournaments may have been held in the past for raising awareness of serious diseases such as cancer. The good thing about casinos is that they get a lot of visitors and they make serious profit daily. When this is combined with a good cause then a lot of money will go into preventing breast cancer and saving peoples’ lives.

The thing about breast cancer research is that there isn’t a big amount of money going into it. That’s why the foundation dedicated to preventing and eradicating the disease needs to get money wherever it can. Thankfully, the casinos in New Jersey decided to help with this and there’s an entire month dedicated to raising awareness for the disease.

With such a great number of people invested in this fundraising campaign, there’s a high chance that a lot of money will be pooled into researching and preventing the disease. As an entire month is dedicated to this, the number of people visiting the casinos and other organizations that are part of the campaign will make the change happen. This is just one example of how casinos can help the community by actively taking part in raising money for a good cause.


Casino venues will take part in raising awareness for the disease and will also help the community when asked to do so. They aren’t just places where you go to have fun as they employ community members as staff and pay taxes to the state. So, don’t be surprised if you see casinos at fundraisers.