New York City Enables Casino Expansion

New York City Enables Casino Expansion

When someone mentions casinos in the US, everyone thinks of Vegas and the Strip. But there are other areas in the US where casinos are located. The New York area is one of them and it has had 4 tribal casinos so far.

There’s a board that oversees the casinos in that area, as a means of regulating them, and that board has announced an expansion. This means new casinos will be built and opened in the New York City area after they qualify for a license. Licenses won’t be issued until 2023.

New Licenses to Be Issued

The 4 tribal casinos in the New York area have been pretty successful, but they were the only ones there. That’s why the board assigned new members to oversee the screening process of potential operators that would be granted a license.

This expansion is possibly triggered by the recent casino expansions in the State. It’s no surprise that the US is a big market for the casino industry as well as the world of iGaming. This expansion in the New York City area will bring the players there with a couple of new casinos to enjoy.

The upstate area has been chosen for the expansion and all operators need to be granted a license to operate. Once they’ve got it, they can focus on the building process which is the first stage of each casino facility. This will require a local workforce so the community will benefit from the expansion.

Once the casino is finished, the building will need to operate with a steady staff at the casinos, bars, and restaurants which is why the community benefits again. In other words, the New York City upstate area community will get to build and work in the new casinos. The state will also benefit from the revenue tax of the casinos and the operators will get to tap into a big market. In short, it’s a win-win situation for all parties included.

But this is still in the beginning stages which means operators will need to offer themselves and their services and see if they qualify for a license. Once they prove their worth, they’ll get the casino operating license and will be able to begin constructing the casinos. Time will tell who the new operating brands will be and how their operations will reflect on the community and the state.

Expansions like these ones are mutually beneficial which is why they happen. New York City will gain a few new casinos, the community will get new jobs and the state will get some tax revenue. The area will get into the limelight and attract a lot of potential casino-builders.


The New York City area will have some new casinos in the future. Firstly, the licensing process will determine which providers get the city’s approval to build and operate a casino. When that process will finish New York casino fans will have new casinos to explore and casino games to enjoy.