Oakland Illegal Casino Den Raided

Oakland Illegal Casino Den Raided

US casino fans are looking to play some casino games they can go to a land-based casino, or they can visit an online site. But there are some people that are looking to make use of casino fans, by running casino dens.

One such den was present in Oakland and it was operating for some time before the police raided it. There was also a person that called the police to state that he was tortured at the den, and that may be one of the ways the police found out about it.

A John Doe Was Beaten at the Den

The thing about illegal casinos is that they shouldn’t exist. People that are looking to open a casino should apply for a license, and if they can’t get it they need to work harder to fulfill the conditions for a casino license.

Once they do, they’ll be free to open a land-based or online casino. Naturally, they’ll need to follow certain rules and regulations if they want to keep the license. Also, they’ll need to pay a percentage of their profits as tax to the state.

But certain people don’t like this which is why they’re going their own way. This is why an illegal casino den was established in Oakland. One of the people associated with it, Wai Hoang, was arrested earlier because he had 4 firearms and 75 pounds of marijuana. The police knew about the casino den, but they couldn’t do anything about it at the time of Hoang’s arrest.

When the torture call came, they had cause to go and raid the den. The person calling had identified themself as John Doe and he was beaten for 6 minutes causing severe blood loss. It took some time, but once the police got him to a hospital they prepared for a raid on the illegal casino.

Couple that with neighbors’ complaints about the suspected den, and they pretty much had a case. When they went in they arrested Hoang, along with his associates Terrance Hadnot and Christopher Darby. Their weapons were confiscated as it turns out someone used a weapon to beat John Doe.

This isn’t the first time a den has been raided. Previously there was another such case where the police found 12 slot machines, $3,000 in cash as well as 15 pounds of marijuana. The thing about illegal casinos is that there are lots of them in the Bay Area of Oakland, but it’s only a matter of time before the police close them down permanently.

Illegal casinos don’t last that long because they don’t have the proper authority to operate. Always look for legal ones.


Illegal casino dens aren’t safe because they don’t operate under any regulations. You might get hurt or robbed if you aren’t careful. That’s why you should always go for legal land-based casinos or online ones. They make sure you have a safe environment to play your games in and operate according to rules and regulations.