OSF and Gotta Love Miami Hosted Casino Charity

OSF and Gotta Love Miami Hosted Casino Charity

Casinos and casino games are associated with fun and excitement. Jackpots and huge prizes come to mind when you mention casino games to someone. But did you know that casino games can also be part of charity events?

The Orphaned Starfish Foundation and the Gotta Love Miami Team have gotten together and hosted a charity event. It was a casino night and attendants had the chance to enjoy a host of casino games and get together for a good cause. The event raised a staggering $17,000 for the OSF.

A Casino Night With Some Jazz and a DJ

OSF is a foundation that has been helping victims of abuse and human trafficking as well as indigenous children, orphans, and youth at risk by providing them with job training and education based on technology. As a foundation, it relies on charity events like the one hosted recently to continue with its operations.

That’s why they teamed up with Gotta Love Miami. This is a real estate development team that has over 20 years of experience under its belt and was happy to help the foundation. Their representatives as well as some celebrities attended the casino night and had a fun night out.

The event featured live jazz music and a local DJ was also on set to get the party moving. Guests could enjoy a round of poker, or blackjack or try their hands at roulette. The casino games brought in some excitement and so did the music. It was a party for a good cause and the event managed to raise $17,000 for the foundation.

Andy Stein the founder and owner of the foundation was amazed by the event and the turnout of the attendees which is why he’s looking forward to the next event in Miami. In short, he’s looking to make Casino Night an event that happens more frequently.

This event proves that people can have fun and raise money for charity. They can enjoy themselves with casino games, jazz, and a DJ and help the youth in need by providing them with the education that will lift them from poverty.

It’s also a testament to casino games being used for a good cause. They aren’t tied to casinos, as anyone can play them. They can help make charity events more exciting and help foundations raise more money than they targeted.

In other words, casino games and charities work well together because they help those in need and provide good fun. As long as there are events like the one mentioned above, there will be casino fans looking to play a hand or two to help those in need.


The Casino Night in Miami was a success and the OSF will have the funds needed for its operations. Casino games at charity events might not have jackpots, but the prizes they offer are far more precious than any jackpot prize because they’re dedicated to those in need.