Philadelphia Casino Gets New Millionaire

Philadelphia Casino Gets New Millionaire

Philadelphia has its fair share of casinos which is why it’s popular with casino players. These casinos are loaded with games and sometimes there’s a win and a lucky recipient. Recently, the casino hosted a winner.

The person in question had bought a lottery ticket at The Live Casino & Hotel Philadelphia and managed to hit the right numbers. The person became a new millionaire and was celebrated among the other casino players. The casino also got a $10,000 bonus for selling the winning ticket. So, millionaires aren’t just made with classic casino games.

Million Dollar Lottery Ticket Sold at the Casino

Some casinos stick to the classic suite of games, so you’ll see slot machines and table games. Others will offer a broader range of games such as bingo or lottery games. You can see this with online casinos as well as some of them offer bingo and even keno titles.

The lottery is popular in lots of countries, the US included. So, it shouldn’t be surprising that a man can buy a lottery ticket at a casino. The Philadelphia Casino sold the winning ticket. The person bought one, just like the others before and after them, and all of them were waiting for the results.

The numbers started rolling in and the people started looking at their tickets. The person in question was doing good so far. Now it was time for the final number and it meant all or nothing to the person. The player had all the other numbers right, and it was done to the last one.

The balls started rolling and the final number was out. It was 38, and the person in question had the entire sequence right. The sequence was 8, 17, 27, 31, and 38. The person was surprised to have gotten all the numbers right, and as is the case in the lottery, the person that gets the numbers right gets the top prize. The lucky winner was the recipient of $1,077,663.50. In addition to him being rewarded, the casino also got $10,000 for selling the winning ticket.

The thing about lottery and bingo is that they’re based on luck. So, you’ll either get the right sequence or you won’t. There are additional prizes for people that have gotten some of the numbers right, but the top prize is reserved for the player that got all of them right.

Casino games, on the other hand, are games of skill and players need a bit of experience under their belts to get a big prize or land a jackpot. Slots might be the exclusion, but experienced slot players will also have a better chance of landing a slot prize.


Casinos get winners all the time. Some of them win small and others win big, like the recent Philadelphia Casino, but all of them are remembered. It takes sufficient skill to win at a casino, and some wins take longer than others. Either way, patience is a needed skill when playing casino games.