Queensland Investigates Allegations Against The Ville Casino

Queensland Investigates Allegations Against The Ville Casino

Casinos all over the world take care of all sorts of players. Some are regulars and they tend to stick to certain kinds of games. But others are high rollers and some of them are looking for a good time. That’s why casinos have multiple ways of keeping them entertained.

The same goes for Queensland’s The Ville Casino and Resort. It caters to the needs of all sorts of players that make sure the casino keeps running. But recently there have been allegations that the casino has been running an illegal junket operation that brought high rollers to the venue. The Queensland government is investigating these allegations.

More Than One Casino Involved

Casino venues get many visitors daily, but some of them don’t stop at illegal practices to keep more people coming to the casino. The Ville Casino was accused of using such practices, but officials stated that the reports of their illegal conduct contained lots of inaccuracies.

But this wasn’t the only casino that was accused of illegal practices. The Cairns Reef Hotel Casino has also been accused of running junket operations. Both cases will be investigated thoroughly. And it all started with The Star Gold Coast and Treasury Brisbane.

Robert Gotterson leads the inquiry in the venues mentioned before and these representatives investigate the junket operations. In addition to this, the casinos might share a connection with money laundering schemes and accept China debit and credit cards. The hearings are still ongoing so there’s no clear end to this in sight.

The inquiry will get down to the details and will see if the allegations are true or false. Casinos in the past have been known to be part of illegal schemes. Junket operations aren’t uncommon in the casino industry and have seen several such cases before.

But there are those that operate legally and in accordance with regulations. These casinos are examples of how each land-based venue should run. Online casinos also need to go by the rules and respect regulations, and they take a direct approach when dealing with clients.


Illegal casinos are busted by the police in most cases and the people involved are always arrested and sentenced. Once the allegations are investigated, it will be clear if the casinos were really involved in junket operations or not. Those that made the allegations will be investigated as well and if the allegations prove to be false they might be penalized.

As things stand now, the Queensland government is all over the case and time will tell the direction the case is going to go. Both parties are prepared, and justice will see the light of day. There are many ways this could go.