Recovering Casino Addict Gets Second Chance

Recovering Casino Addict Gets Second Chance

Casino addiction is real and it’s out there. People are struggling with it daily and some of them decide to reach out. Those that do will get the second chance they deserve. This was the case with Malachy McNulty.

As the story goes, McNulty used to be the principal of a school. He seemed to be doing alright in the period from 2017 to 2019, at the time of his appointment. But it was later revealed that he had a serious addiction to casino games.

In other words, he embezzled €100,000 from the school’s fund to fund his casino habits. He was eventually caught and sentenced to 6 years. But he was released after 1.5 years because of numerous reasons. Malachy is just another example of how deep addiction can take a person.

He still owes St. Francis the money and to make things worse, he allocated the financial resources with fake signatures. That money was dedicated to pupils with special needs. There’s no doubt that Malachy is feeling sorry for the incident which is why he will take on the duty of returning the money he embezzled.

A Second Shot

Addiction is a terrible thing and can make your life difficult. Malachy McNulty has the stigma of casino addiction, but that’s the only thing that remains of it. In other words, he’s a recovering addict that has spent a term in prison because addiction took him down a dark path.

He managed to get a teaching job at another school and is recovering from his addiction. He reached out to Gamblers Anonymous for help and got the aid he needed. Malachy is still on the path of keeping himself free of casino games, but he has shown tremendous effort to get where he is.

This is probably the reason why he was released early and why he managed to get a teaching job. This will help him get back on his feet and pay the debt he caused the school. He’s got a long and hard road ahead of himself, but if he managed to ask for help with his addiction then he’s halfway there.


Casino addicts deserve a second chance. They may have embezzled money like McNulty or have turned to worse things. But the debt is paid and the person is saved when that person decides to turn it all around. McNulty’s story is just one and that’s all it takes for someone to beat casino addiction. Organizations like Gambler’s Anonymous are there to help out if one remembers to reach out for help.