Renton Woman Robbed After Casino Night

Renton Woman Robbed After Casino Night

Land-based casinos take security seriously which is why they employ all those guards and cameras. That’s why every casino player that enters them can safely enjoy their games. The danger looms when they leave the casino, and if they aren’t extra careful, they might be a victim.

An 81-year-old woman from Renton, Washington State, was robbed after she returned from a night at the casino. The robbery happened around 3 am when the robber assaulted her after she left her vehicle. She contacted the police immediately and they’re on the case.

Two Similar Cases

The Muckleshoot Casino was the casino tied to this crime. The woman enjoyed a nice night at the casino as she managed to snag a win or two. It was a big night, so several winners were leaving the premises. She had managed to win $1,000 and was looking to get home.

She went to the parking lot and inside her vehicle. It was a 30-minute drive to Renton and when she arrived she left her vehicle. Once she had done so, she was assaulted by an unknown assailant. She was beaten badly and the perpetrator also stole the money that was in her purse. She phoned the police shortly after and they arrived on the scene. She was taken to the hospital where staff treat her injuries.

According to the current details of the investigation, the woman said she was assaulted by one person. That’s why the crime is similar to another incident outside a different casino. The victim was a 59-year-old woman that was attacked at her home.

She left the Macau Casino in Tukwila with $5,000 in cash. But this time 2 separate robbers got away with that sum of money. The police are looking for suspects in both cases as the victims are recovering. They are inspecting leads and cooperating with both parties involved in the crimes.

Whenever there’s a win at a casino, each winner should be careful because they don’t know who’s watching. Criminals are looking to follow winners and steal their money which is why some winners stay anonymous after a win. They also need to take precautions when they’re going home as a robber will be following them.

That’s why online casinos are safer. If you win, the money is wired to your online casino account and you can withdraw the sum to your bank account. But online casino players might be prone to scams which is why they should also take precautions. In summary, all casino players should be wary of their surroundings once they win a prize. Being careful will see them safely to their homes.


It’s unfortunate that these 2 women were assaulted and robbed right after they left a casino. Casino winners are potential targets which is why they need to be extra careful. The same advice goes out to online casino winners as online scammers might try and take a hold of their winnings.