Santa Ana Cracks Down on Illegal Casinos

Santa Ana Cracks Down on Illegal Casinos

The USA has its fair share of casinos, but there are still individuals that won’t follow legal procedures when establishing casino venues. These are illegal gaming dens that cater to anyone that has money and is willing to play casino games.

Santa Ana has been cracking down on these illegal casino dens and has been quite successful. An arrested woman from Garden Grove pleaded guilty to her charges. The rest of her crew was also arrested and is currently awaiting trial.

Garden Grove Woman Pleads Guilty, Her Partners Awaiting Trial

Regardless if a casino brand is established or looking to make a name for itself, it needs to follow rules and regulations for establishing new venues and operating them. Authoritative bodies are put in to monitor their operations and make sure they are up to date on regulations.

If a casino venue breaks the rules, it gets a fine or a punishment according to its offense. Several casino brands have been fined for their mistakes, but they have given word to follow the rules. But there are those who won’t follow the rules and establish illegal casino venues. Santa Ana had several such casino dens.

These illegal casinos were known as slap-houses and nets, and they were visited by all sorts of individuals. A Garden Grover woman by the name of Honganh Thi Pham was arrested during the crackdown on these dens and she and her three partners were in charge of the operation. All of them have been arrested as well and are awaiting trial.

Asia–Mindy Bui, EZ Bobba, Sharks and Willits are the names of the four illegal casinos operated by these individuals. These were unsavory places, and one of the suspects had assaulted one of the customers to prevent a fight. They were also accused of other crimes such as making illegal profits and trying to keep them safe.

The police and community did the job right as they cooperated in getting the dens closed and criminals captured. In other words, the Santa Ana crackdown on illegal casinos proved successful.


Santa Ana cracked down on illegal casino dens and managed to arrest a gang of four that operated four illegal casinos. One of the gang’s members, a Garden Grove woman pleaded guilty to the charges. The other three individuals are awaiting trial. Santa Ana did a good job so far when it comes to dealing with illegal casinos and their operators.

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