Seminole Casino Hotel Increases Employee Wages

Seminole Casino Hotel Increases Employee Wages

Employees of the Seminole Casino Hotel were met with some good news recently. The Florida-based casino and hotel resort is increasing the wages of its employees by upwards of 60%. Close to 100 job classifications fall under the umbrella of increased wages. The increase will impact housekeepers, security, cooks, and many more of the resort’s employees.

What is the Seminole Casino Hotel?

The Seminole Casino Hotel is among the biggest establishments in Immokalee, Florida. On top of that, it is situated in one of the poorest areas in the city, Collier County. The resort also happens to be the biggest and most important employer in the area.

It is one of the most attended facilities within Collier County, with slot machines and table games constantly being active. People spend their free time, hoping to turn a few dollars into a few hundred dollars. Money seems to be on every customer’s mind.

However, money is also on the mind of the employees, most of which are from the surrounding area. Troubled by the recent recessions and blows to the global economy, many of them were in a state of bliss when news of the pay raise came.

The Increase in Wages Comes at the Right Time

This increase in wages comes as a result of Hard Rock International’s recent movement to improve the well-being of their employees. A $100 million investment has been implemented by the company to keep their employees happy and maximize their happiness.

Many of the casino’s employees have said that this bonus could not have come at a better time. The past two years have been a turbulent time for the world’s economy, and most people have been feeling the impact of said trouble. So, this investment came at the perfect time.

The increase itself is quite a generous one. The employees will be making $8 to $10 more than the state’s $10 an hour minimum wage.

Statements by Employees

Quite a few of the employees have made statements of gratitude. One of the employees claimed that her household has been going through quite a few troubles. However, thanks to this increase in wages, she now believes that things are going to turn around.

Another employee expressed her joy, saying the news almost brought her to tears. She could not believe that she would now be making enough to support her four children. Other employees also expressed their gratitude in various ways. Some even said they broke out into dance.

For their part, Seminole Casino Hotel management is glad that they could bring joy to their employees. They have expressed that they believe this boost in wages is truly deserved, as they could not ask for better staff.