South Korean Man Convicted After Multiple Robberies Committed to Fuel His Casino Addiction

South Korean Man Convicted After Multiple Robberies Committed to Fuel His Casino Addiction

Casino addiction drives people to do all sorts of things. Their age doesn’t matter when it comes to addiction as once it takes over it can make criminals out of regular men. This is what happened with a 57-year-old man in South Korea.

The man enjoyed playing casino games at the Kangwon Land casino for some time. But he was down on his luck as he was losing money. At this point, addiction had already set in and he committed multiple robberies to fuel his gaming spree. It wasn’t long until the police caught up with him which is why the man is facing a 6-year sentence.

The Criminal Past

The trouble with the man is that he didn’t know how to set limits and stick to them. He was a regular at the casino and would spend substantial amounts of money whenever he popped in for a visit. Once he had spent his reserves, he would leave and commit a crime or two to keep the money rolling in.

Moreover, the man wouldn’t limit himself to a certain kind of crime. He had stolen a gas gun from a car wash, as well as gift vouchers from a department store. But the one robbery that got him on the radar is the one he attempted at the pawn shop.

Armed with the gas gun he had stolen earlier, the man went to a nearby pawnshop and pointed it at the employee. He was asking for money and jewelry and he got very aggressive. He got so violent that he put the gun in the employee’s mouth. She was frightened, but when her husband walked into the pawnshop the robber jolted out.

He tried to hide in a motel, but the police arrested him. The shocking thing about him is that during the trial he said that he had no remorse regarding his actions which is why he got 6 years in prison for his crimes.


Jail won’t be easy for the 57-year-old man and it’s evident from his statement that addiction wasn’t easy on him too. He could have asked for help and turned it all around. The main thing about this story is how deep addiction can take you. That’s why you should ask for help as professionals are always ready to help you out.

Don’t go for the criminal route as that will only complicate things. Stick to your limits once you’ve set them and reach out whenever you feel like you’re becoming addicted.