Southland Casino Dedicates $25K to Local School

Southland Casino Dedicates $25K to Local School

Casinos are established pretty much everywhere in the United States. They are known for entertaining casino enthusiasts and regular visitors. But they also give back to the community they’re a part of by organizing charities and donating money.

Southland Casino Hotel is one such resort that had recently donated over $25k to Jackson – Wonder Elementary School. This donation will help the school as it’s partnered with the resort in a program that links students to local businesses. In other words, it’s just a way of giving back to the community.

Jackson – Wonder Elementary School Gets Over $25K as Donation

When it comes to the link between the community and local casinos, this is a link that must happen. It’s present in all stages of making a casino resort come true. Firstly, the community needs to approve the project once it sees the benefits.

Once the project is approved, then the community will help build it as each community is a workforce in itself. Then you’ll have the resort and more job positions will be available, and the community will help fill them. Casino fans of the community will visit the casino as well.

The community also has certain programs that link schools with local businesses to give schools a helping hand with the various operational issues they might have throughout the year. Jackson – Wonder Elementary School is part of such a program and it’s called Partners In Education.

The elementary school is partnered with the Southland Casino Hotel. The officials of the casino hotel have stated that donations are easy to come by. That’s because players at the casino can easily drop off the rest of their change on a slot or racing ticket and donate it to the program.

The program helps keep the school operational and it recently donated $25,523 to the school. The school welcomes these donations which help with dealing with any kinds of issues the school might face during the year. The staff has expressed their gratitude for the donations that have been happening for a while now.

More importantly, the school’s budget is significantly bigger with these donations which means the school can pay its teachers properly and provide better and more creative ways to educate the children – the future of West Memphis. Projects or rather programs like these show that a local casino can be beneficial to the community in more ways than one.

The casinos are places of entertainment for the casino fans in the community, but they can also entertain locals with their bars and restaurants. But the casinos can help the community with various donations and by being part of community programs.


Local casinos are looking to be part of the community, not just when it comes to entertaining people, but when it comes to building a project and staffing the resort. The Southland Casino Hotel is involved in a program to help this West Memphis-located school with operational issues, which is another way casinos are involved in the community.

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