Sports Betting Comes to Another Wisconsin Casino

Sports Betting Comes to Another Wisconsin Casino

Wisconsin is another state that has a fair share of tribal casinos, and the operators of these casinos are looking to expand their business by getting into sports betting.

Recently, the governor of Wisconsin approved a sports betting proposal to the Lac Courte Oreilles Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians and their casinos.

In other words, they are to be allowed to offer sports betting services for sports and non-sporting events. But this needs to be approved by the US Department of the Interior before it becomes active. The processing period can take up to 45 days.

Sports Betting in Wisconsin Getting More Popular

It seems that tribal casinos have gained traction by going forward with the sports betting trend which is growing more popular in Wisconsin. In February, 2 venues, one in Milwaukee and one in Forest County were allowed to offer sports betting services. Once the Chippewa Indians casino properties get their licenses for sports betting, there will be an additional number of casino properties that will be offering sports betting services to sports bettors in Wisconsin. The state is slowly increasing the capacities of tribal casinos and it’s doing so regularly. However, there’s no move to allow online casinos or sportsbooks.

No Moves Online Yet

As mentioned before, the state of Wisconsin is currently on the sports betting trend and it’s allowing tribal casinos all over the state to offer sports betting services. But this is only available in casino venues, and the state hasn’t proposed legislation or regulation regarding sports betting online. The same can be said for online casinos. Wisconsin is still one of the few states in the US that have yet to legalize online casinos and sportsbooks.

The states neighboring Wisconsin include Iowa, Michigan, and Illinois and all of them offer online sports betting to bettors in the states. It’s all legal and regulated and Michigan has even gone a step further by regulating and allowing online gaming in the state. Time will tell if the state of Wisconsin will decide to take the route of its neighboring states. It’s also a possibility that the state is testing the impact of land-based casinos and sportsbooks on itself and if all goes well, then it might take the online approach.

But this is just speculation and there’s no telling what the future holds for Wisconsin.


In summary, the state of Wisconsin increases the capacity of tribal casinos by allowing them to offer sports betting services. The state still has no online casino or sports betting operators available as it’s against it.