Star Casino Facing Some Trouble in New South Wales

Star Casino Facing Some Trouble in New South Wales

Very recently, the Sydney-based casino The Star has been facing some issues after an inquiry was launched into their business. After the inquiry, a report showed that the facility might not be up-to-par and is unsuitable to run in Sydney.

Supposedly, the report proved that Sydney’s The Star casino allowed for money laundering and let the practice go unchecked. The Sydney casino has also allowed organized crimes to infiltrate their facility and have even taken deliberate steps in covering up the whole situation.

What is Happening?

A recent report found that the Sydney-based The Star casino is unsuitable to operate in the New South Wales area. According to the report, the casino has allowed “criminal activity” as well as money laundering operations to occur right under its roof. Evidence also suggests that the establishment knew about this activity and attempted to cover it all up.

The casino currently holds a license to operate within the New South Wales area, however, just yesterday, New South Wales Premier Dominic Perrottet issued a statement warning the establishment that they are, indeed, in danger of losing their license. This will, naturally, result in the establishment closing its doors and being completely shut down. Many are predicting that The Star will be fully out of business by the end of the month.

What Can The Star Do?

There isn’t much left to be done. This kind of scandal is likely to put any business out of order, especially a casino as renowned and reputable as The Star is in the New South Wales area. Though they have been allowed to appear in front of a court and make their case, many are doubting that the casino management will do anything of the sort.

If, however, they choose to make their plea to the court, The Star must do so by the end of the month. Otherwise, at least according to Mr. Perrottet, the facility will be shut down, no questions asked. How The Star handles this scandal remains to be seen, but most of the people involved in the case don’t see a bright future for the gambling establishment.

Statements on the Matter

The Premier has made statements on the matter, claiming that this sort of breach in etiquette is a “horrendous affair”. In his statement, wherein he gave The Star the ultimatum that they must make their plea within the next 14 days, he also added that there is no place for this sort of negligence and misbehavior when it comes to any business, but especially not casinos.

What happens by month’s end remains to be seen. However, many are worried that The Star will not face the proper repercussions, considering the amount of tax revenue per year that casinos like it generate for the state government.