Star Entertainment Group Fined for Illegal Activities

Star Entertainment Group Fined for Illegal Activities

It was revealed recently that Star Gaming Group has been conducting certain illegal activities in their venues. They have been discovered conducting money laundering schemes and were charged accordingly. As the case developed, the group lost the trust of the community.

It’s also worth noting that the group has been issued a fine of $100 million Australian dollars for their money laundering schemes. It has also lost its gaming license and will need to work harder than ever to get it back. The NSW Commission issued the fine.

Crime Doesn’t Pay

The Star Entertainment Group is responsible for erecting and operating lots of casinos all over Australia. They had the trust of the community as lots of casino players frequented their premises. But it was discovered that the casino had an illegal money laundering scheme operating for years. There was also an illegal VIP program taking place.

Once this was shared with the public, it took the authorities sometime before they decided on a fine. Some people had almost lost faith in justice when the New South Wales Commission came out with a statement that the Star Entertainment Group needs to pay a fine of $100 million Australian dollars for letting illegal operations take place at their premises. The Commission also took away the group’s license.

The casino will continue to operate under new management. In addition to this, the casino’s executives have taken their leave of the group. Better security measures such as cameras and new security staff will be implemented while the casino continues to operate so it can earn its license back. The community lost trust in such a prestigious gaming group and some casino players have already turned to new casino venues.

The message of this incident is that crime doesn’t pay. Australian casinos make quite a profit each year from casino players that visit their premises which is reason enough to not take part in illegal activities. In addition to this, they adhere to regulatory bodies such as commissions and if something isn’t up to date with regulations then they will be fined.

Online scams are also quite frequent and players can end up as victims in such a scheme. But legal online casinos implement a variety of security measures and make sure their clients are safe. They don’t go into any illegal schemes because they choose to earn and keep their clients’ trust.

Land-based casinos like the ones that are part of the Star Entertainment Group need to be put under strict supervision until they prove themselves worthy. Crime should always be punished no matter who committed it. That’s how justice is served.


A name like Star Entertainment Group used to inspire confidence and trust which is why the group needs to put in more effort than ever after it has been fined for illegal activities. The group will be operating under the watchful eye of the NSW Commission as new staff is appointed.