Star Sydney Casino Rectifies Wrongdoings

Star Sydney Casino Rectifies Wrongdoings

Recently, Star Entertainment had been exposed to illegal activities. Some of its executives and casinos have been caught in money laundering operations. While they’re still awaiting legal punishment, the company’s officials have decided to take some action and rectify their wrongdoings.

Recently, Star’s Sydney Casino has undergone certain changes. The management team has been replaced and additional monitoring staff has been added to monitor the actions of staff as well as the operations of junkets in the casino. Several board members also left the company and their replacement is imminent. Time will tell if the casino will walk down a straight path.

How Did It Happen?

The Sydney casino seemed to be doing a good job of entertaining clients. It has been doing so for years, and no one suspected any illegal actions to be taking place. The players enjoyed their games and those that won prizes got them while others had the chance to try again or go home.

But it was soon revealed that the staff and managers have been hand in hand in a money laundering scheme. They have been at it for some time and Chinese nationals were involved. The casino disguised a ridiculous amount of money as hotel expenses just so the nationals could have some gaming money. The amount amounts to $582 million.

In addition to this, the casino also allowed Sunset, a junket operator based in Macau, to have a money-for-chips desk. The main thing here is that the casino saw its wrongdoings and decided to amend them with several steps. This will take a couple of years to rectify as the amount of money is not easy to reach in a short period.

The management was replaced and so were the staff members that took part in these illegal actions. Furthermore, there has been an increase in monitoring all the operations of the Australian casino to ensure that future staff and executives play by the rules. The thing is that the casino should have played by the rules from the start which is why it has extra measures now to ensure any illegal actions don’t happen.


The Sydney casino is undergoing changes because of the faults of some staff and management members. Yes, they’ve done something wrong but that doesn’t mean that they should be chastised for their mistakes. The important thing is that they’re taking steps to fix their mistakes.